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I-Ching Secrets, 19.12. to 10.01. 2011: Is I-Ching Diagram no. 8 the star-boat that reveals the true function of the boat on the disc of Nebra?

Samstag, Dezember 18th, 2010

Is I-Ching Diagram no. 8 the star-boat that reveals the true function of the boat on the disc of Nebra?



The I-Ching Diagram No. 8 of the autumn equinox is shaped like a boat. Some other features are also that of a boat. Its symbolism points to the true funktion of the boat on the disc of Nebra. 

The I-Ching diagram No. 8 of the period from 7.9. – 7.10 corresponds to the solar cycles 15) White Dew and 16) Autumn Equinox. 22-23. September is the autumn equinox, when day and night are of equal length and keep balance. The chart is made up of the trigrams of the hexagrams 15.16 (first year), 39.40 (second year) and 63.64 (third year). The I-Ching Diagram No. 8 is the frequency distribution of the trigrams of these hexagrams.At the equinoxes were inter alia the scales examined. What was too much should be taken away and what was too little to be added. In hex 15 says the text of the picture:„…Thus the superior man reduces that which is too much, and augments that which is to little. He weighs things and makes them equal.“Also, man should then find his mental balance. The two hexagrams 63 and 64 of the autumn equinox in the third year, symbolize the completion. Hexagram 64 is the last in the I-Ching.Ancient civilizations celebrated the earth and her changing seasons. The autumnal equinox marks the final harvest. Throughout the world many cultures celebrate the autumn equinox with the common theme of balance and equality.The ancient Chinese believed that the two basic forces of the cosmos Yin and Yang at the equinoxes celebrated wedding. Light and darkness are in balance at the two dates.The  I-Ching speaks twelve times of„Crossing  the great water.“ Even so it’s not surprising that an I-Ching diagram shows a boat. The large water could correspond to the river in certain valleys, there was a limit to the Sanctuary area on the other side. In the Sanctuary area, the festivals were celebrated at the equinoxes. To cross the large water also meant to come together with the ancestral spirits. Shaman clothes show small boats and oars. Boats were a symbol of a journey into the „hidden reality“.The Milky Way was the great water in the sky.








Shows the I-Ching diagram of the autumn equinox, the celestial boat Tianchuan in the Milky Way? 

In Chinese astronomy, an arc of nine stars from the constellation Perseus, the constellation formed Tianchuan, a boat in the river of the Milky Way.In the 4th Century BC, the boat Tianchuan was after sunset already to see  in the eastern sky. It culminated against two clock at night (now about two hours later) and went about four hours after sunrise. At the celebration of the autumn equinox the boat Tianchuan was to be seen with clear autumn weather throughout the night.The resemblence of the shape of the I-Ching diagram of the autumn equinox and the shape of the boat Tianchuan in the Milky Way could hardly be greater. Other characteristics and especially the time of appearance in the sky point in the same direction. So it’s fairly likely that the I-Ching Diagram No. 8 is the celestial boat Tianchuan in the Milky Way.

Secrets of the Nebra disc

The Nebra disc was developed in four stages (by Meller 2004, abridged text).

1) Initially the disc had thirty-two small round gold circles (today are thirty visible), a large circular plate, and a large crescent-shaped plate attached. The circular plate is interpreted as either the Sun or the full Moon, the crescent shape as the crescent Moon (or either the Sun or the Moon undergoing eclipse and the dots as stars, with the cluster of seven dots likely representing the Pleades.

2) At some later date, two arcs were added at opposite edges of the disk. The two arcs span an angle of 82°, correctly indicating the angle between the positions of sunset at summer and winter solstice at the latitude of the Mittelberg (51° N).

3) The final addition was another arc at the bottom, the „sunboat„.

4) By the time the disk was buried it also had thirty-nine or forty holes punched out around its perimeter, each approximately 3 mm in diameter.







The Nebra Sky Disc – What purpose was the Boat on the disc actually for! 

On the Nebra Sky Disc there were two arcs, opposite to each other, of 82.7 degrees each – the distance between the northern- and southernmost points of sunset and sunrise from Saxony-Anhalt in the bronze-age. The archaeologists say, if the disc was intended as an astronomical tool, the only thing on it that is accurate is the pair of arcs. With the disc in a horizontal plane, these could be used to examine the position of sunrise and sunset in relation to the Brocken mountain. (From the hill (Mittelberg) the sun sets on the summer solstice (June 21st) behind the Brocken. The Brocken is in a direct line of sight on a clear day, 85 km to the north-west.)The short arc in between the two big ones at the bottom is interpreted as a „sun barge“ travelling between sunset and sunrise. For this reason the archaeologists believe the ship was the symbol of a new religious idea with no practical relevance to astronomy. The disc should at the end only been regarded as a cult object.The author of this blog believes that this is wrong. He will show for what purpose the boat actually was used. A boat is a vehicle that is in equilibrium with the water. Otherwise it sinks. At the equinox day and night are of equal length and therefore also in equilibrium. A boat is because of that a symbol for the equinox. If the boat on the Nebra disc is a symbol for the equinox then the boat should be used for determining the equinox and the disc should show it. And it does. The disc shows the angle of 41 degrees between the ends of each of the two arcs at the side und the first dot or hole on each side of the boat that is in contact with the bottom of the boat. (There are 39 or 40 dots at the rim of the disc) 41 degrees was the distance between solstice and equinox at Nebra in the bronze-age. It stood for the 91 days between solstice and equinox. The ship on the Nebra disc was used to determine the equinoxes with the help of one of the two arcs at the sides and the Brocken. The 39 or 40 holes or dots at the rim of the disc supported the measurements. The average distance between two holes is 21 days. To determine the time of the equinox as precisely as possible, measurements had to be done weeks in advance, every time when with clear weather the Brocken was seen. The end of one of the two lateral archs on the Nebra disc (or a simple duplicate) was directed to the Brocken. The setting sun was near of one of the holes under the ship to see. The distance to the hole of the equinox, showed how many days were there until the equinox. One can easily think over how this works. To know especially the date of the spring equinox is of great importance for people who live on agriculture. They had to know when it was time to put the seed into the earth. Only with the boat the Nebra disc is a real Bronze Age clock that told man it was spring.